Our Company

MFL, a Mombasa-based company, has been specializing in unique hand crafted furniture production since 2014. We design and manufacture one-off transitional pieces at the highest standards. We also offer hundreds of designs of traditional furnishings, combined with influences of new trends. What makes us different is our meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of high quality construction.


With a multinational team of craftsmen, it is our aim to constantly expand into new markets, while continuing to be a brand synonymous with the finer things in life. With the introduction of technologically advanced machinery and software, our manufacturing capabilities are attaining new heights. The new forms of design and services offered are all factors that allow us to carry out the wishes of our customers.


Whether you are looking for that unique hand-carved piece or a project that demands precision and consistency. We ensure that all the solid wood used for our pieces are well dried to avoid future cracks and warping. Also for any jobs that require the use of laminated boards, our high-end machinery eliminate any chipping or cracking to give perfectly clean cuts for sleek modern furniture.


With the recent installation of our new dual spindle CNC machine, automatic edgebander, and multiborer, in addition to the more traditional heavy-duty woodworking machinery, we are confident that we can produce any design of furniture demanded of us. Furthermore, with the combination of design and optimization software, we can take up a project from design to production and installation seamlessly while ensuring that waste, and cost, is minimized.